Our Gold/Silver and Bronze sponsors support our festival financially with the display vehicle prize sponsors supporting us with prizes given to the entrants.  The 2022 festival saw over $5500 in prizes.

Our Motor Festival is unique in that it is a car show giving out prizes without any judging.  The format is that an entry form is drawn out of a box and the owner then draws out a prize and then draws out the next winner.  Every entrant has the same chance of winning and the same chance of drawing a prize ranging between $800 down to $100.

No other car show offers prizes valuing over $5000 with every entrant having the same odds to win.

Our GOLD Sponsor is:

Our Silver Sponsors are:

Our Bronze Sponsors are:

The following supporters provide the prizes for the display vehicles:

We must graciously thank the suppliers of prizes offered to our displayers. Without the donation of these prizes, this event would likely not attract the community participation level. We’d therefore be far less able to support the community. Again, appreciatively, we offer our thanks!